This podcast is about creating your dream job, and it's unlike any you've heard. You'll hear conversations with people who are quitting the "burned out" club to find work that is satisfying, fulfilling, and better paying. 

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Telling your story and being a light, with Nezz

In 2020, Nezz began working as a virtual assistant, but she reconnects with her calling to tell her story and inspire others to dream.CAREER+ FB Group: https://www.fac...

Figuring out what to do next with Justin

Dream Job Hiding in Plain Sight with Raquel

Is your dream job something you're already doing, or have done? Raquel and I talk the powerful insight that launched her new business.

Creating a resilient mindset with Heena (pt. 2)

How do you keep going when the job search process feels hard and discouraging? In this conversation, we talk about things you can do to develop a resilient mindset in ...

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